Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Bravest Thing

Another geekly inspired blog post follows.  For those coming here for my punditry, a political piece is in the works, but I think it is past time for a volley from the rest of me. Balance in all things, or some such.
I am man enough to admit when something draws me to tears. Primarily, it’s the notion of those who stay behind to save their friends. Wonderfully cinematic moments, complete with Lens flares, depicted the abrupt change in the building blocks of CAPT James T. Kirk, his father defiantly driving the U.S.S. Kelvin into the Romulan mining ship. Literature is filled with instances of a defiant few defending their fellows, usually dwarves (R. A. Salvatore, I’d recommend a read), despite the odds. Events such like this exist in our media as a lesson for the upcoming generations.  The aim is to instill ethics and morals, a sense of community, and an understanding about the notion of self sacrifice.
While the following poem isan answer to the creative writing task from Marian Call’s Adventure Quest, it has been floating through the note book for a while. Now it has a title.
The Bravest Thing.
Much is said of the brave few who stay behind
The courageous defending the units retreat
Memorials are constructed by the thankful
The names of the fallen inscribed in memory

Their families are celebrated for their acts
While the be grieved only wish they were home
Medals and ceremony is given in thanks
Each paling against the sacrifice of those few

Less is said of those who escaped and survived
Those who owe their lives to the men they left
Riddled with guilt for deserting their fellows
Hoping to live a life of merit in their honor

It is a great thing to give your life in service
Sacrificing yourself for the betterment of others
It is another thing entirely to have to watch
While your friend sacrifices his life for yours

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