Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr. Darcy Responds

Another moment of fun, though given recent events, mostly nonpolitical ones, these chances to relax and unwind have been wonderful.
Dear Miss,
I must apologize for my baffling social faults, though it does me good to find that you saw past them all. While it is true I came with a head full of bulleted notes to discuss, one glance of your smile scattered my thoughts beyond recall. All there was left to do was simply hope and wonder. The food was well prepared, and out did my own attempts, now I sit and wonder about the opportunities that may still exist.

Bless the boon that brought your words to me, for now I know the truth of what I failed to see. It’s here where I admit my shock about how we met, given your glamour and how I was rather unkempt. While I removed my hat as good manners suggest, past that I was floundering to hold your interest. While my camera gave my hands something to do, it blocked everything I wanted to say to you. I wished the night wouldn’t end, but to my chagrin time swept past us both.

I confess that I knew neither what to say nor what to do, my wits battling with my heart. Understand I think I might love you to, but my minds been waging a war of worth the whole time since. Would my jokes bring a smile to your face, so filled with grace that that ballets don’t compare? Could our love make us feel like we were walking on air? While I’d give you everything I could, every joy we might reach, would you ever regret loving me? These fears, how they raged against the wall, wondering if it was better we hadn’t met at all. Doubts like these had brought to my knees, whilst the words you wrote have reinvigorated my soul.

So, dear miss, please pardon my hesitation, and let us try this again. Though my palms may sweat, and anxiety goes on, I’d sooner risk failure than suffer regret. I would love to learn the truth of the something fierce you hide, so please let it show true and let us bare it all with pride.

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