Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debt Crisis

The news for the last several weeks has been jammed from dusk to dawn with politicians blaming the other side lack of actions or irresponsible action for the possibility that the country may suffer a reduction in its credit rating. The ins and outs of how this will affect the general consumer has been covered ad nauseum. Each news station has continued to demonstrate their varying level of biases for the left or the right ideological views. Reporters dig and try to get their answers.

Politicians have called for the president to act unilaterally, while he calls out to the public to bury the legislative branch in phone calls. Each side of the isle assaults the other for being uncompromising. Infighting has spawned on each side with blames of disloyalty and idealistic wavering. While each plan put forward has its staunch supporters, the opposition are quick to supply endless criticism. As we close on the deadline, my faith in politicians continues to wane.

I do not pretend to be completely knowledgeable regarding economic matters. Try as I might to stay intuned with the workings of the government and business, some matters get missed. So, the following may seem overly simplistic:
  • Is the concept that we can't afford to continue spending at the current rate oblivious to politicians.
  • Do politicians believe that they are fooling anyone by saying "Revenue" in place of Taxes?
  • At what point will the nation realize the destructive nature of the entitlement state we continue to build?
  • Can we finally discard the illusion that everyone is owed a piece of the American dream?
  • What would be the governments response if you chose to run your household budget just as they run our economy?
It would be irresponsible to sit here and call out problems without offering answers. As an aim, the growing 'entitlement class' (lovely buzz word), is a blistering leech on the economy and the limited resources. The concept that people can get funded to do nothing, under the guise of catering to the American dream, and will pull them self from such a status is a lie. The ideal of personal responsibility is lacking from the bulk of the populace. These non-producing societal drains have allowed the government to assume responsibility for them, and will use their vote to maintain the flow of entitlement programs.

Second round: Prisoners. These people have demonstrated that they are unable to live within the boundaries established by society. The were incarcerated for the specific reason to remove them from society. While some level of humane care is appropriate, the construction of a class of pampered layabouts is disgusting. That a prisoner sees better care than a struggling teacher is asinine. Cut the fat, transform prisons into labor camps, and turn their ill choices into society benefit.

Additional volleys on hold for targets of interest.

Reality. The reasons for the failures of our governmental system were best explained by George Carlin. Their failures are the result of our inability to produce and select quality representation. We continually settle for "the best of two evils" out of fear. Further, the media, the grand Fourth state, suffers from being to friendly with the politicians and hungry for ratings to to effectively monitor politicians actions. Hard hitting press is reporters gathering in mass to read through Sarah Pallins emails. Exhaustive journalism has been replaced with news designed to pull the heartstrings and inspire an emotional response, vice work an angle of reason. It is as if they have come to doubt the intelligence of their viewers (which, in most cases, is proven true sadly).