Friday, June 1, 2012

The Continued Attack on Personal Responsibility

Mayor Bloomberg's move to ban 'sugary beverages' over 16 ounces is the latest volley against the concept of personal responsibility, but not the most disturbing. Admittedly, there is a trend of people getting fatter because the have made bad life choices. A diet of fast foods and inactive lifestyle all have consequences on the midsection and cardiovascular health of the hefty American. While I normally I don't bother to complain about the personal choices of others, I am bothered by the expectation that others should now bear the burdens of their bad decisions. In the age of entitlements and welfare, the responsible American is always expected to suffer for the ills of his fellows, normally through the government taking by force the results of his personal endeavors.

As it stands, nearly half the nation is on some sort of government assistance, multiple states are in a severe budget crisis, and true unemployment continues to rise. We are slowly approaching the point where the number of societal leeches is going to out number the quantity of producers in this country. Attacks pointing out the failings of the Welfare programs are viewed as mean, the response always an out cry of emotion vice a stance of reason. Our system is plagued by these leeches, who continue to vote into office politicians that are willing to pay for those votes with the tax money of the producers. For an international comparison, turn to Greece. For a local reason to be hopeful, with a couple answers of telling dread, look at Wisconsin. A Governor, understanding the failings of his states economy, has resolved to change and bring economic reform. Liberals and Union workers through out are trying to strike him down, concerned only for the near term as they are forced from the government tit. What they fail to understand is that if things continue as they have, the government would fail and they would be entirely without.

When did we begin to suffer this notion that personal responsibility is an anachronism? Surrender your responsibilities to the state, for the shall care for you. Allow the schools to raise your kids, and drug the disobedience out of them. Trust in the police force for your self defense, yet be prepared to flee until they arrive to protect you.